Carl Snow needn’t search far-'n'-wide for something to write about, as his songs are a reflection of his pain, love and loss, clarity and chaos, humor and dead-seriousness; all-in-all, for Carl it's all about being real.

Carl Snow is a rocker by nature, and if the past 2 decades of his musical career could be seen as his "playing cards", which have included such groups as Koro, Red, Screamin' Boy Blue, Big Stickmen, 30-Amp Fuse, Whitey, Birdhouse, and THAT, one might not expect what Carl now pulls from his deck of cards. The current Carl Snow recording, Useless, is an extremely warm and personal offering from this singer/guitarist/songwriter/storyteller. This is quite a change in direction for Snow, whereby most of his past outings included swat-teams of formidable strength (and loudness). MORE…



The Fist & The Flower - NOW AVAILABLE

The Fist & The Flower, the 10-track debut album from Carl Snow’s Summer of Love, is now available! You can buy it here (or download individual tracks), or get it at

Carl’s currently in the studio AND working on a 20 Stop mini-Tour for Mid Summer! Keep coming back for updates.

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